10W – Week 5

[formlightbox_call title=”10W Boot Camp Measurement Form” class=”1327388752814″][/formlightbox_call] [formlightbox_obj id=”1327388752814″ style=”” onload=”false”][gravityform id=”63″ ajax=”true” name=”10W – Boot Camp Initial Measurement Form”][/formlightbox_obj] [clearboth] For yours and our records, you will need to measure and submit your current body measurements that are listed in the form.


[clearboth] Enter your Weight, Body Fat %, and Min in Gym/day into the our Nutrient Calculator to give your the optimal dietary needs for this program. Be sure to record the amounts of Carbs, Protein, and Fats listed in the Calculator, as these numbers are vital to the design of your diet.

[formlightbox_call title=”Low Carb Low Calorie Diet Form” class=”1327646553848″][/formlightbox_call] [formlightbox_obj id=”1327646553848″ style=”” onload=”false”][gravityform id=”39″ name=”10W Week Five = ISO Nutritent” ajax=”true”][/formlightbox_obj]

[clearboth] High Calorie Iso-Nutrient. As the name implies, this eating program has the same caloric values from all of the macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. I tend to use this eating plan with all of my clients at first so they can get used to the style of eating, that is; food timing, more frequent feedings, etc.

The isocaloric eating plan can be used at anytime in a bodybuilder’s career. It can be your baseline eating plan, or one you resort to between more rigorous plans such as the keto run. The benefits of this eating plan include higher fat for taste and satiety, higher protein for postprandial (after eating) thermogenesis or calorie burn, and simplicity.

Protein Sources for your diet.

Exercise Title [clearboth] Forced reps are a process that involves working the muscle group to failure. Forced reps take place within a given set and can consist of maximal weight to failure (less reps) or light to moderate weight (high reps). Utilization of a lifting partner is essential to allow full contraction of the muscle to occur. Minimal time is needed between forced reps (as long as full muscle contraction occurs) and time between sets utilizing forced reps is longer to allow greater recovery.

Example: Bench press at 90% of max for 6 – 8 reps (employing a partner to help you through the full phase of contraction).

[formlightbox_call title=”Reflections” class=”1328077152140″][/formlightbox_call] [formlightbox_obj id=”1328077152140″ style=”” onload=”false”][gravityform id=40 name=10W- Week Five – Reflections][/formlightbox_obj] Take a moment to go back, and review your goals. We emailed them back to you, so check your in box. Now, take a minute to look at what your goals were and reflect on the progress made. Are you happy with the results? Is the progress going the way you wanted? If you need to adjust it, is it via the diet or the exercise?

The form is going to ask you to take some pictures of your progress. So, in the same skimpy bathing suit as when you started, we would like you to take pictures to measure your progress. Take the pictures in the same surroundings, same light, same time a day, same photographer, etc. Front, Back, Both sides

10W Tools



Week 5 Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.
Eating Plan High Calorie Iso-Nutrient High Calorie Iso-Nutrient High Calorie Iso-Nutrient High Calorie Iso-Nutrient High Calorie Iso-Nutrient High Calorie Iso-Nutrient Free
Cardio LSD 20 min Post Workout LSD 30 min Post Workout LSD 15 min Post Workout LSD 40 min Post Workout LSD 15 min Post Workout LSD 10 min Post Workout OFF
RT Forced Reps Chest/ Triceps Forced Reps Back / Biceps Forced Reps Quads / Traps Forced Reps Shoulders / Hamstring Forced Reps Triceps / Biceps Calves OFF



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