What if the great and greatly feared T-Rex was nothing more than a big, dumb two footed carp?  A simple, albeit effective, scavenger?  Not the Hollywood version of a great terror we all have grown up with but an undemanding clean up artist.  Many a dream and nightmare would be dashed and it would be met with a deafening disapproval.  Much to my chagrin, it appears that this is all this large lizard was.  Its anatomy dictates some basic physiologic flaws that would make it impossible for a T-Rex to be a predator, but make it an excellent buzzard.  If the grand T-Rex can go from the greatest hunter to have ever roamed the earth to nothing more than the largest organic garbage truck in a fair swoop of science, what other grandeurs are at risk?  What other turf should fear exposure?  Nutrition?  Medicine? Industry?  Politics? At the risk of dispute, I think all of them should.  When confronted with a new idea, don’t sit and decompose with it, waiting for a T-Rex to finish your remains.  Be open, do your own research, and keep moving.  You no longer have to fear the T-Rex, but there are plenty of other predators out there waiting for complacency.
[blockquote cite=”Dr. Warren Willey”]This program is the tool you need. Believe it, live it, and most importantly: do it!”[/blockquote]

That being said – welcome to something new! This program is a combination of science, experience, sweat, and (most importantly) results!  It contains a lot of information, but at the same time with the on-line support, it’s very easy!

I am throwing a lot at you in the next 10 weeks for two reasons:
  1. I want to see you meet some goals and change your body
  2. I want you to have enough information to continue changing your body by developing your own programs.  The exercises and eating plans will change a little more frequently then they need to in ‘real life’, but you will be able to use the techniques and style for years to come.


Here is how you should approach it:
  • Outline your goals
  • Find your starting point. You will need these.
  • Outline your schedule
  • Get plenty of R+R (rest and recovery)
  • Follow the eating plans
  • Train like crazy using the routines provided
  • Take the suggested supplements
  • Succeed!


How it works:

After the introduction that you are reading right now, you will see weekly pages that cover in a paragraph or two the exercise program you will be covering, the eating plan for the week, and a chart that summarizes all of the above and gives you directions on the cardio activity and time for each week.  There will be a link to the exercise program so you can see each exercise or type of exercise suggestion in video format.

Each week will also have a place for you to fill in your scale weight and lean mass.  From these numbers, you will design your eating plan as it will break down the eating style (low carb, no carb, etc.) and the calories (low, moderate, or high calories weeks).  It will also tell you how many grams and calories you need of protein, fat, and carbohydrates for each week.  These amounts will change based on your changes as well as the eating styles changes.

Your measurement and input will greatly effect the outcome, so this step in the process is crucial to your success.

Outline Your Goals

A goal or objective is a desired result you envision, plan and commit to achieve.  Many people endeavor to reach their goals within a finite time by setting a deadline.  I would discourage you from doing this.  This program is 10 weeks, but does not mean you will be at your goal in 10 weeks.  It means you will be somewhere else in 10 weeks!  That’s it.  Too many times I see people throw in the towel completely on both reasonable and achievable goals because some silly time frame was not met.

Rule #1: make a goal without a time frame limit!

Some people may need a time frame to push them to get to their goal – if that is you, then go for it – just don’t be pissed if you are not there when you had hopes to be.  Life happens, s*$t happens, so all you can do is do your best!

Achieving complex and difficult goals requires focus, long-term diligence and effort. Success in body morphing requires forgoing excuses and justifications for poor performance, lack of proper instruction or be deficient in adequate planning; in short, success requires emotional maturity. The measure of belief that people have in their ability to achieve a personal goal also affects that achievement. This program is the tool you need.  Believe it, live it, and most importantly: do it!

In the space below write the date and time and a few sentences on what you hope to achieve in the next few weeks.  Be realistic. You will not be Jay Cutler or any other super ‘body’ star in a matter of weeks.  If you are – let me know and give me 100% credit so I can quit my day job and come personally train you!


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