Dr. Willey’s 12 Lifestyle Changes for Optimal Health


By utilizing the 12 steps, you will be enabled to make your own Body Transformation!

  1. Biggest Meal in the AM, Smallest in the evening (last meal)
  2. If you can, eat smaller, more frequent meals (every 2.5 – 3 hours).  It is important to eat to your schedule and the type of eater you are.
  3. Eat Majority of Carbohydrates in the AM (moderate carbs post workout)
  4. Drink at least 12 8oz glasses of water a day (generalization).  Sip water every 10 to 15 minutes while awake.
  5. Eat an adequate amount of protein at every meal (dairy, meats, beans, etc.)
  6. Move as often as possible!
  7. Eat “Naked Foods” like fruit, dairy, vegetables, etc. — Avoid processed foods (canned foods, breads, etc.)
  8. Avoid high glycemic carbohydrates (sugar, cornflakes, instant potatoes, etc.) and other processed foods.
  9. Bring your own food to dinner (i.e. KNOW what you are eating.  KNOW how many calories are in your food.)
  10. Do not eat with in two to three hours of going to bed
  11. When Scheduled – Schedule!
  12. If you fail to Plan – Plan to fail!
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