Day 17

Day 17 – 12 steps…a review

The 12 Lifestyle Changes are 12 of many steps YOU can take to enhance your overall well-being and quality of life. It is a firm foundation of elements that will at the very least help you maintain, if not loose extra weight. Read the 12 Lifestyle Changes document, and reflect on some changes YOU can make today.

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Step 1

Please re-read the 12 steps, to revisit if everything is going as planned.

Step 2

Don’t forget to do your walking. Today you need to walk 1+ mile in at least 24 minutes.

Click here for the walking chart

Step 3

Resistance training!!! Time to hit the iron, bands, soup cans, whatever you have to help you in your resistance training! Feel the muscle build. Remember, that every lb of muscle added increases your body’s metabolism and the ability to burn fat!!

[toggle title=”How much weight?”]When determining your appropriate weight level, follow this schedule. Remember, the goal is to have the weight heavy enough to meet the reps, but not so light it isn’t a challenge

Light Weight = 20-25 repetitions/set

Medium Weight = 15-20 repetitions/set

Heavy Weight = 10-15 repetitions/set


[toggle title=”Shoulder Press”]

This is another resistance training exercise, using minimal equipment. With a shoulder press, we are targeting upper shoulder strength, as well as your tricep and bicep muscles.

While sitting on a chair, a ball, or a bench, you will hold the dumbbells, bar or other weight bearing items in both hands. One at a time, or together in one fluid motion, you will raise the weight to your shoulders, push upward, slowly release downward, rest, and repeat.



[toggle title=”Chair or Wall Press”]

This is a great exercise for beginners. It is easy, and great for your core and arm muscles. This exercise can be done almost anywhere and uses only your upper body strength so it is excellent for those doing these sets at home or outside.

Lean up against a wall, or with a straight body lean on a chair. Make sure your arms are straight, with a slight bend in the elbow. Slowly bend your arms bringing your chest close to the object, and then slowly push back against the object until your arms are straight again. Start with your arms shoulder width apart, and as you gain strength and stamina with this exercise you can slowly bring your arms closer together.



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[blockquote align=”center” cite=”Steve Ballesteros”]“To give yourself the best possible chance of playing to your potential, you must prepare for every eventuality. That means practice.” [/blockquote]

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