Day 05

Who’s Hungry?  Day 5 and it’s all about Breakfast.

If you have ever heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and you shook your head in dismay – we need to talk! Breakfast truly is the most important meal, significant to insulin control, jump starting your metabolism, and energy for your body to use throughout the day. It is crucial that you eat breakfast EVERY DAY, this is not a meal you want to skip….and, yes, your mother was right!!

[framed_box bgColor=”undefined” textColor=”undefined” rounded=”true”] Rule # 1 – Biggest Meal in the AM, Smallest in the evening (last meal). [/framed_box]

When you read any of Dr. Willey’s books, he dives in to the science and the reasons behind why it is so crucial to obtaining your health goals! But, without getting into all that, just remember, you need proteins, and the bulk of your calories should come in the morning.

For awesome breakfast ideas, as well as other recipes, check out our recipes section. Thanks to our contributors, we have some of the best and healthy recipes around!Show me the Recipes!


Step 1

Don’t forget to do your walking. Today you need to walk 1 mile in at least 15 minutes.

Click here for the Walking Chart


Step 2

Weight training.  Lifting is crucial, and remember that every lb of lean mass increased also increases your metabolism, and your ability to burn fat!

[toggle title=”How much weight?”]When determining your appropriate weight level, follow this schedule. Remember, the goal is to have the weight heavy enough to meet the reps, but not so light it isn’t a challenge

Light Weight = 20-25 repetitions/set

Medium Weight = 15-20 repetitions/set

Heavy Weight = 10-15 repetitions/set


[toggle title=”Shoulder Press”]

This is another resistance training exercise, using minimal equipment. With a shoulder press, we are targeting upper shoulder strength, as well as your tricep and bicep muscles.

While sitting on a chair, a ball, or a bench, you will hold the dumbbells, bar or other weight bearing items in both hands. One at a time, or together in one fluid motion, you will raise the weight to your shoulders, push upward, slowly release downward, rest, and repeat.



[toggle title=”Chair or Wall Press”]

This is a great exercise for beginners. It is easy, and great for your core and arm muscles. This exercise can be done almost anywhere and uses only your upper body strength so it is excellent for those doing these sets at home or outside.

Lean up against a wall, or with a straight body lean on a chair. Make sure your arms are straight, with a slight bend in the elbow. Slowly bend your arms bringing your chest close to the object, and then slowly push back against the object until your arms are straight again. Start with your arms shoulder width apart, and as you gain strength and stamina with this exercise you can slowly bring your arms closer together.



[framed_box bgColor=”undefined” textColor=”undefined” rounded=”true”][blockquote align=”center” cite=”Samuel Johnson”]“Clear your mind of can’t.” [/blockquote][/framed_box]

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