Day 16

Day 16 – Last Day of Supplements!!


Glutamine is classified as a semi – essential amino acid. It can be readily synthesized by various tissues such as the skeletal muscles, liver, and adipose tissue. It is an important nutrient for your quest for health as if you are new to exercising and/or dieting, glutamine becomes an essential part of your eating plan.

Glutamine is the most abundant single amino acid found in the bloodstream. Glutamine is essential for protein synthesis [muscle growth], anti-catabolic [prevents muscle tissue] breakdown functions and growth hormone elevating effects. Due to these effects, Glutamine plays an important part in your body by aiding recovery of muscle cells.


[note title=”Recommendation:”] Days 1-30: Take 5,000 mg 3 times a day.[/note]

Don’t worry, we’ll recap all the supplements as we go.

Click here for a summary of the Supplements

Step 1

Don’t forget to take your supplements and track them in the tracker!

Step 2

Don’t forget to do your walking. Today you need to walk 1+ mile in at least 24 minutes.

Click here for the walking chart

Step 3

Weight training. Lifting is crucial, you already know that. I’m sure you’ve started to feel significantly better since you have started lifting. Now, don’t let your muscles down, keep it up!!

[toggle title=”How much weight?”]When determining your appropriate weight level, follow this schedule. Remember, the goal is to have the weight heavy enough to meet the reps, but not so light it isn’t a challenge

Light Weight = 20-25 repetitions/set

Medium Weight = 15-20 repetitions/set

Heavy Weight = 10-15 repetitions/set



[toggle title=”Sitting Curls”] Sit with your back straight against a chair, feet about shoulders width apart, and some form of weights in hand (dumbbells, soup cans) and lift at a steady pace, release at a steady pace. Make sure that you keep your elbow by your side as you make the movements up and down. Use the chart on the following page as your guide for your repetitions and sets each day.

Click here for the lifting tracker



[toggle title=”Wall Squats”]A wall squat is an excellent way to work out your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. It can also be a good core workout for your abdomen and lower back.

As your back sits flush against a wall, place your feet about shoulders width apart. Start the workout by bending your knees and lowering your back until your legs are at a 90* angle. Straighten your legs to a standing position, and repeat. When your knees are bent, it is important not to go past 90* to prevent strain, and keep your posture straight and up right. (If your knees go over your toes, then you are adding additional strain to your knees, and are in risk of injury).



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