Day 24

Day 24 – Something to try if weight loss or health gets stuck

Over the last 30 years I have seen people eat good, exercise hard but still unable to lose weight or get to the level of health they are after. One very successful trick I use is a simple elimination diet. This is where you remove a number of known culprits in the food world that make it difficult to lose weight and are even known to cause Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS), Food Allergies or Intolerance, and other things that interfere with health.
[blockquote cite=”Dr. Willey”]…remove a number of known culprits in the food world that make it difficult to lose weight…[/blockquote]

Using IBS as an example:

According to the number guys and gals out there, 20 percent of you reading this paragraph have Irritable Bowl Syndrome or IBS. IBS causes symptoms of bloating, cramping, a mix between loose and difficult stools, and generalized abdominal pain. Doctors do their best with it, usually by spending your mortgage payment for next month to rule out other causes and then telling you there is nothing worrisome. Easy for me to say when my belly does not hurt. It is without question difficult to treat as our complete understanding of it is lacking.

So if I may, let me offer some ideas for you one-in-five reading and the other eighty percent who may know a one-in-five not reading: Start by eliminating common problematic foods such as dairy, yeast, eggs, gluten, corn products, peanuts and soy. If your symptoms decrease after a few weeks, start adding each one back in, one at a time, to help your zero in on the culprit(s). Use a daily fiber supplement, even if you tend to have more loose stools vs. constipation as the fiber helps with regularity. Take a good pro-biotic to ensure your gut bugs are on your side. And finally, try a simple over the counter enzyme such as one derived from papaya with every meal.

Below is a list of foods to remove if your weight loss is stuck or you have food intolerance’s or flat out IBS. You will also find a list of food substitutions to try in place of the potentially offending foods. This little trick works very well for most people who have a hard time losing weight or are inhibiting their quest for Optimal Health due to the type of foods they are eating.
Click here for Food Alternatives!!!

Here is an article I have written in the past that details IBS, and for those of you that think you may suffer from it, please read attentively!

Article on Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Step 1

Read the 12 steps again, and this time, we are asking you to commit to following them, and making that change in your life. Fill out the below form as a declaration of your lifestyle change, and commitment to the change. You will be emailed with your answers, so you can print it out, and have your personal copy of your declaration!

Click here to re-read the 12 Steps!

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Step 2

Don’t forget to do your walking. Today you need to walk 1+ mile in at least 27 minutes.

Click here for the walking chart

Step 3

Take your daily supplements, and track them in the tracker!

Step 4

We suggest the following exercises. They do not require a full set of weights, or even a membership to a gym. We have structured this around things you probably already have at home.

[toggle title=”How much weight?”]When determining your appropriate weight level, follow this schedule. Remember, the goal is to have the weight heavy enough to meet the reps, but not so light it isn’t a challenge

Light Weight = 20-25 repetitions/set

Medium Weight = 15-20 repetitions/set

Heavy Weight = 10-15 repetitions/set



[toggle title=”Sitting Curls”] Sit with your back straight against a chair, feet about shoulders width apart, and some form of weights in hand (dumbbells, soup cans) and lift at a steady pace, release at a steady pace. Make sure that you keep your elbow by your side as you make the movements up and down. Use the chart on the following page as your guide for your repetitions and sets each day.

Click here for the lifting tracker



[toggle title=”Wall Squats”]A wall squat is an excellent way to work out your glutes, quads, and hamstrings. It can also be a good core workout for your abdomen and lower back.

As your back sits flush against a wall, place your feet about shoulders width apart. Start the workout by bending your knees and lowering your back until your legs are at a 90* angle. Straighten your legs to a standing position, and repeat. When your knees are bent, it is important not to go past 90* to prevent strain, and keep your posture straight and up right. (If your knees go over your toes, then you are adding additional strain to your knees, and are in risk of injury).



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