Apple Cider Vinegar has been near the top of my prescription list for several years.  I suggest it for a variety of conditions and concerns but, in particular, I like it for reflux or indigestion.  Over the years, my practice has been able to help many people get off their prescription antacid drugs, and Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the modalities utilized to do so. It also has a variety of other very healthful and helpful uses.

Admittedly, a few of the suggestions I am about to list do not have the benefit of rigorous scientific trials and studies behind them, as no one will fund research on a common household kitchen item – there is no money to be made. However, I still think there is some wisdom to ‘grandma’s medicine’ and, at the very least, vinegar is not likely to be toxic as so many of our actual medications can be.

First, vinegar is a great cleaner, sanitizer, and deodorizer.  Cleaning your coffee maker or dishwasher with some vinegar (run it through as you would the water or soap) goes a long way and its safety is unmatched compared to conventional cleaners.

Vinegar is both a great anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.  That is why pickles will last for a few years in the refrigerator while everything around them spoils.

It may help with weight loss, as a tablespoon or two with meals provides the feeling of fullness.  In animals, it has been shown to help with blood pressure and cholesterol profiles.  Blood sugar is stabilized by regular vinegar intake – so much so that it is wise to talk to your doctor about it before using it, if you are on diabetic medication.

It is also a great natural hair rinse.  Vinegar in the bathroom shower and the kitchen, you ask?  Yes!  Our commercial shampoos and conditioners tend to weigh down our hair with buildup, and the acid in Apple Cider Vinegar can clean it right out. This will leave your hair with a natural shine and glow and even reduce tangles.  After shampooing, mix one-half water with one-half Apple Cider Vinegar and leave it on your hair for a few minutes while showering.  Rinse it out and witness a new shine! It may even be beneficial for dandruff while it’s up there, as it’s an anti-fungal and, in many instances, dandruff is caused by a fungus.

No matter how or where you use apple cider vinegar, it is a great and very inexpensive addition to your daily big picture health regimen.

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