Are laws and ordinances the solution to our obesity problem?

Should we shift personal responsibility to our law makers and ask them to intervene with our big fat problem by creating more regulations?

It seems that is a question that we all are going to eventually end up.  Currently, there are laws in place requiring restaurants to post nutrition information on menus in New York.  In California, decrees are in place that bars fast food restaurants from including toys in children’s meals with excessive calories, sodium, fat or added sweeteners obviously in the hopes of decreasing there consumption.  Taxes on food stuff are not too far around the corner either.

There have been a few surveys in these geographic areas that seem to indicate that people are thinking about their choices and considering the implications of what they are stuffing into their gullets.  I don’t really rely too much on surveys for valid information – but to be sure, I surveyed myself and 84% of me agreed.

Joking aside – are we willing to let government dictate yet another area of our lives?  At the same time, do we need government to step into this pandemic and help in the manner they know best with more laws and taxes?

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