I am frequently asked in my office and while speaking around the country, my opinion of artificial sweeteners.  I internally cringe as the words are formulated in almost universal harmony with the last person that asked the question, weeks prior and states away: “Are artificial sweeteners better (cause less weight gain) than sugar or high fructose corn syrup?”

Using a great deal of prudence with my answer as I certainly  will be stuck between a rock and a hard place before I add the period to my final sentence, I answer in what I admit is a disgusting display of political correctness.  Well…forget that!

Today, in our fine South East Idaho periodical, I shall throw the fetters of the ‘please everyone’ mentality and tell you the blatant truth: They cause weight gain.  In an “I can get away with the super-size parcel if I have a diet drink” manner and in a “that tasted sweet, I think I will have a candy bar” method as well.  Not only that, they cause you to eat the whole super-sized meal need it or not! Scientifically stated, they increase the cephalic (head) phase of intake, and change hormones to make your appetite increase.

One study showed metabolism slowing (via a drop in core body temperature) in our fine rat friends after a meal involving saccharin.  That covers one bullet point (and there are many) in my outline of objections to the artificial sweeteners.

The question that should be asked in this setting is what is the lesser of the evils?

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