How many gimmicks do you suppose are available out there to help you lose weight?  I wish I would have kept track of all the ones I have come across or have come across me as their propensity for silly seems to be increasing.  I would be interested to see if it is a product of desperate marketing or distressed audiences? 

I ran across one this week that combined technology and the all important need of tricking the consumer.  This trick however was not in deception, but in the method of the weight loss the product utilizes.  The Japanese have developed what appears to be a new method to influence behavior: glasses that fool wearers into eating less. They make the wearer think a piece of fruit in the hand is a cookie, or make a donut look larger than it is all in the hopes of fooling the senses and make the users feel more satisfied with smaller or less appealing treats. “Reality is in the mind,” states Professor Michitaka Hirose at the University of Tokyo. 

I could not agree more with the good professor, however: reality eventually becomes tangible no matter what your mind says at any given time.  You see – this fine group of clearly very smart people thinks they have come up with a new idea in a set of spectacles that change reality.  I am here to tell you that they have done nothing new or unique: Obviously they have never heard of nor experienced Beer Goggles…

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