Do you ever wonder how that 55-year-old, who looks like she’s 35, does it? I mean, how does she maintain the look of someone 20 years younger? We could all be quick to say an expense account at the local med spa and possibly the plastic surgeon down the street, but there is another (and cheaper) reason for the way she looks.

You see, there are two types of aging: chronological aging and biological aging. Chronological aging is obvious – take the current year, subtract the year you were born, and that gives your chronological age. You have no control over this, although many people tend to lie about it.

Biological aging is based on several factors, many of which are very controllable and they vary from person-to-person. People who tend to age more quickly biologically are ones who suffer from stress, lack of movement, poor relationships, and obviously their diet plays a part.

People who are younger biologically tend to do very well in (with at least a few of the following): relationship situations, a strong spiritual sense, are active, do not smoke, handle stress well and, when it is present, tend to recover more quickly. Obviously, some of these factors are very controllable, others are not.

What’s interesting is that the underlying factors behind biological aging appear to be hormonally related. This is part of the reason hormone replacement therapy, growth hormone replacement therapy or stimulants, and other ‘anti-aging’, techniques and modalities are becoming so popular.

Optimizing hormonal balance by utilizing controllable factors such as diet, exercise, and continually affirmative relationships tends to make people biologically younger, no matter what their chronological age may be. Some even argue that you can certainly slow down and possibly even reverse your biological age with the correct lifestyle changes. The neat thing about that is it’s never too late, no matter what 2015 minus your year of birth is equal to.


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