Is Your Skin Crying Out For Help?

Is your skin dry? Skin dryness is one of those conditions that will sneak up on you fast — leaving you annoyed, frustrated, and ready to try anything for relief. We have the answers to getting healthy and glowing skin.

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It’s Not Your Fault

Not all genes are passed on from your parents. There are external factors called epigenetics, which translates as “over” or “above” genetics. Your height, waving hair, eye color, the fact that you have freckles or not—those things have genetic determinants. Health most often does not.

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She Battled Menopausal Weight for Years…

Holistic health is all about positive adaptation to your body and environment. As you change and experience the effects of menopause, the way you keep yourself at your best may change. But due to outside pressures, we can be convinced that society’s popular “solution,” that is, vigorous exercise and dieting, can solve all our problems. However, I’ve found a healthier approach that consists of helping you adjust hormones, supplements, diet, and exercise to adapt to these changes if you’re experiencing them, too.

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