Food Timing – What and When?

When you eat matters!! The timing of food intake in relation to your sleep/wake cycle, exercise, work, playtime, and all the other activities of daily living is what needs to be understood —for a healthy lifestyle.

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The Power of Protein

In Western diets, protein intake is at a very high level. There are good reasons to be more aware not only of how much protein you eat, but what kind of protein you take in, as well as how often you consume it.

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RecoverMe Exercise

Movement is essential and as important as any drug, supplement, or diet I could prescribe for you on your road to RecoverMe. Trust me, the health expert. Be sure to exercise when it best fits your schedule so you are moving but not overdoing it.

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Your thoughts really affect your overall health. They have the power to heal you or destroy your health. From your thoughts come your decisions, so making sure your thoughts are healthy, try wonderment and become amazed by the simple things in life.

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Toxin Trouble — Part 2

Toxins are everywhere and your body protects you by adapting to the environmental exposures to these toxins by storing fat to keep those chemicals away from vital organs. Remember that to change your fat, you must change your environment and detoxify.

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Toxin Trouble – Part 1

Toxins are everywhere. Toxins build up in your system due either to exposure or to your body’s inability to clear them. Our bodies will do anything to protect it especially when you begin living a healthy lifestyle.

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