Energy Expenditure and Caloric Intake

I ran across an interesting study the other day that helps to give good reason for the difficulty with weight loss in an ‘exercise alone’ program.  It of course has to do with eating, as your likely sick of hearing me type.  But more importantly, it has to do with...

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A Regular Schedule and Your Health

There is a lot to be said about having a regular schedule.  In Lifestyle and Functional medicine, we preach the importance of regularity (daily schedule, not your bowels).  Having a set schedule allows exercise to be worked into your day on a regular basis.  It allows...

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Almond Snacks!

A book I wrote in the late 1990's titled What Does Your Doctor Look Like Naked?, expresses the importance of a great snack idea - almonds! Snacking is a nearly universal behavior in the United States, as an estimated 97% of Americans consume at least one snack per...

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Conflicting Data – The Key to Marketing

Health related topics are continually infused with new data, studies and ideas that are then lauded, occasionally very loudly, by believers and/or purchasers of said information.  New information tends to conflict with previous information or, at the very least, put a...

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Excess Salt Blamed for 2.3 Million Deaths in 2010

Headline: Excess Salt Blamed for 2.3 Million Deaths in 2010.  Holy cow Mr. Excess Salt is a mass killer!  How is he able to get away with so many assumed deaths, in people obviously not in life’s circle?  This headline would imply that Mr. Excess Salt has single...

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Beer Goggles and Dieting

How many gimmicks do you suppose are available out there to help you lose weight?  I wish I would have kept track of all the ones I have come across or have come across me as their propensity for silly seems to be increasing.  I would be interested to see if it is a...

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Taxes and Dopamine…

Admittedly, though, before that crossed my mind, I read a study on alcohol consumption. Well, it was Monday and I was taught that if you actually drink on Monday, you need to go to classes, so I read about it.

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New Supplement for Weight Loss…

New Supplement for Weight Loss! The latest and greatest weight loss solution! Thousands of studies and millions of people have proven the success of this supplement! Try it now, and succeed today!

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