Sleep Interventions?

I want to readdress the subject on this fine day for two reasons:

1. Time and again I see people who cannot lose weight or control their blood pressure, or get their cholesterol down in light of doing everything ‘right’, because their sleep leaves a lot to be desired.

2. To provide you with some simple interventions for getting a good night’s rest.

Number one has now been completed (read the above again for reinforcement), so on to number two! Here are eight simple steps you can apply to better your nights rest:

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Are you tired all the time?

Would you describe yourself as tired?  Worn out? Continually struggling to get out of bed every morning due to sore muscles and brain miasma? I am sure you could come up with a number of similar adjectives to describe your situation.  In my world, we call in metabolic...

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-nym’s can be confusing. That is not a spelling error or a typo. Words ending in -nym are used to describe different classes of words and the relationship between words. The –nym literally means name.  In medicine we have numerous examples of all types of –nyms, and...

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Creatures of Habit

We are creatures of habit. Not just one or two either.  Good or bad, we have hundreds of habits we complete and repeat every day. We need habits to survive.  We are involved in so many daily tasks, thoughts and responsibilities; we would most certainly find ourselves...

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From Stupidity to Insanity

Being the culinary artist I am, I tried cooking cold cereal on the grill the other day.  The first time I tried it, it was obvious it was not a good idea.  I think the word my wife used was “stupid”.  Similar to how we are currently approaching the weight problem in...

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Weight Loss Goals Determine APPROACH

When you come to us for weight loss help, you expect us to help you reach your goals. We need to understand your GOALS to help us determine what APPROACH we will take to help reach those goals. Everybody has unique needs, different work and play schedules, diverse...

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Food Substitutions

Though a hall mark of the Dr Willey system is the development of individualized menus based on one’s body composition, metabolism, and food preferences; many patients ask how they can modify their menus to maximize variety. Menus are to be used as samples or guides to...

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Choosing A Protein Supplement

To assist you with your weight loss goals, we may recommend a protein supplement. Protein supplements are a great snack, easy to prepare, help manage a sweet tooth or carb craving, and are a great way to boost your daily intake of total protein. Protein...

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