4 Om-azing Poses to Calm the Mind and Relax the Body

Guest Post by Sarah Cummings There can be a common preconception that yoga is all about twisting your body into all kinds of strange, pretzel-like shapes, and you need to be a super-fit, legging wearing Instagram star to be good at it! Fear not, for this simply isn’t...

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Can You Smell Illness?

Have you ever been uncomfortable around someone, and not really known why? Have you ever had someone ask you how you are feeling, when you felt fine, only to then get sick a few days later? Why are some doctors so good at diagnosing disease? Parents; did you know...

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If You Undergo a Genetic Test, Make Sure It’s This One

Genetic testing is becoming more and more prevalent in the clinical practice of medicine (vs. research-based medicine). As this small commentary is no place to discuss all of the ethical, moral, scientific, and other applications of genetic testing, I thought I would...

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Exercise: When More Isn’t Always Better

I think it’s safe to assume that most of us, in a number of situations, would agree that more is better. Especially when we are dealing with something known to be good for us, beneficial, or otherwise able to improve our quality of life. Few would argue against the...

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The Chocolate Myth

I am constantly amazed at the marketing machine’s ability to convince people about what really defines health. This product is healthy versus this product which is unhealthy. Very rarely is there any science or data behind these claims, just money. For example, one of...

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Want to Save Money? Avoid the Doctor.

I probably do not have to tell anyone that medicine is expensive.  Insurance coverage is becoming less valuable as the number of Americans workers with high deductible health insurance plans continues to increase. In 2016, it rose 3.2%, to a total of 24.8 million...

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