The Chocolate Myth

I am constantly amazed at the marketing machine’s ability to convince people about what really defines health. This product is healthy versus this product which is unhealthy. Very rarely is there any science or data behind these claims, just money. For example, one of...

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Want to Save Money? Avoid the Doctor.

I probably do not have to tell anyone that medicine is expensive.  Insurance coverage is becoming less valuable as the number of Americans workers with high deductible health insurance plans continues to increase. In 2016, it rose 3.2%, to a total of 24.8 million...

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Are Tattoos Dangerous?

After last week’s article on makeup and the potentially dangerous chemicals used in most modern skin care products, I had some inquiries about tattoos. Are tattoos potentially dangerous due to the chemicals in the ink? That question has been discussed in several...

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Is Your Makeup Killing You?

Have you ever considered your make-up to be dangerous? I don’t mean in the sense that you could fall on your mascara and poke your eye out. I’m talking about all the chemicals found in makeup. It’s becoming more and more obvious that exposure to toxins and chemicals...

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Want to Avoid Wrinkly Skin? Stop Eating Before Bed

Many of us in the health obtainment and maintenance field preach about the benefits of not eating before bed. Not eating before bed confers benefits metabolically, hormonally, and in the care of certain medical conditions, such as reflux disease. A recent study...

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Does Sugar Cause Depression?

I have always enjoyed the chicken versus the egg questions. Which came first? One chicken or the egg question I hear quite frequently in my line of work is the sugar or depression question. Was it the depression that through the act of self-medication, increased sugar...

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Why You Should Check Out Dr. Willey’s Latest Book

Fat Too Fit To Fat - The Problems with Contemporary Dieting and Exercise Recommendations should be available sometime this fall! Stay tuned to this website for more information, tidbits from the book, advance purchase options, as well as free giveaways as we get...

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