How closely are you following your eating plans?
  • Right breakdown of nutrients (Proteins carbs and fats)
  • Serving Sizes
  • Appropriate food substitutions
Are you skipping snacks?
  • Most snacks are essential sources of protein
  • Snacks often include proteins essential for weight loss and keep the metabolism ramped!
Are you getting an adequate amount of protein?
How well have you applied food timing?
  • Adequate breakfast
  • Avoid carbohydrates that can stimulate insulin before bed
Are you always hungry?
  • Would you benefit from weight loss medications?
  • Review the patient hand out “food cravings”
Is there an underlying medical condition that has not been addressed?
  • Insulin resistance, thyroid disease, hormone disorders?
Have you ‘fallen off the wagon’ due to a perfectionistic perspective?
Do we have the right style of eating plans that allow for some variations and scheduled dieting breaks?
Are you engaged in an exercise program?
Are you overtraining and under eating?
  • Do you understand the importance of pre and post work out nutrition?
Are you consuming high amounts of diet soda or energy drinks?
  • Consider switching from diet sodas to caffeine supplements or other thermogenics
  • What other supplements could we start to maximize exercise recovery, insulin sensitivity, thermogenesis, and hormone balancing?
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