Oils and fats have always been a source of contention for experts in the field of health and nutrition.  It is common knowledge these days that coconut oil is good for you, but I can remember the time when it was sneered at and considered a danger as it contains saturated fat.

We were told by reported “health experts” that all saturated fats were bad and potentially very dangerous. These were the same people who told us sugar was not worrisome…but, I digress! Coconut oil is what we are talking about here.

Another study was recently released that showed one tablespoon of coconut oil daily promoted weight loss, changes in body measurements, and improved cardiovascular health indicators. In the study, the group taking coconut oil showed beneficial changes in their total body weight, waist circumference, neck circumference, both systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number) blood pressure, and an increase in their good cholesterol, HDL. That’s all fine and dandy, but what really stands out is the fact that it only took weeks to show these benefits, not years.

For that matter, there have been studies that show brain benefits of coconut oil consumption in as little as 90 minutes in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Raising HDL cholesterol, without unwanted side effects, is something the drug companies just cannot figure out, yet coconut oil does it rather quickly.

So, for a simple, easy to do, quick (all important factors in our busy lives), and healthy addition to your daily schedule, down a tablespoon of coconut oil – a good fat – everyday.


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