We are creatures of habit. Not just one or two either.  Good or bad, we have hundreds of habits we complete and repeat every day.

We need habits to survive.  We are involved in so many daily tasks, thoughts and responsibilities; we would most certainly find ourselves in dire if we did not.  I would dare to say that the majority of what we do each day is habitual.  This goes from effortlessly shutting the door behind us with our foot to the way we sit down every evening and turn on the boob-tube with the Bon-Bons as our viewing companion.

Habit, if not resisted, soon becomes necessity. -St. Augustine

Eating healthy, exercising daily, parking farther from our destinations, using the stairs instead of the elevator or not doing any of the above are habits.  They are very hard to change and you fail at doing so not because of weakness or inferiority, but due to the fact they are ingrained in you – they are simply automatic.

Changing those bad habits takes all out effort with good coaching, accountability and most importantly, time.  Certainly possible – just not easy.  One more thought in this area under discussion:  It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.

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