“I can’t get People to understand, there is no such thing as a bad food, just bad timing!”

Dr. Willey wrote this article for the Idaho State Journal in his weekly column.  We wanted to share it with you!

Over the next few weeks I am going to cross into the realm of peril as I broach a potentially controversial subject.  It is not to stir hullabaloo nor create discontent, but rather provoke thought.  My experience in writing eating plans and helping people with weight control has extended two decades now. The laundry list of things I have experienced and learned from this would envelop the entire Sunday edition of this fine newspaper.

As my primary goal with weight loss has been weight loss maintenance, I have focused on many aspects of this difficult achievement including the type of food used by a number of successful people; people who have lost the weight and maintained it.  One commonality that appears to be almost universal is the decriminalization of foods.  Rather than focusing on the absolute avoidance of certain foods, the hub of thought has been controlled acceptance.

In the next few [articles] I hope to show an optimistic if not positive stance on a number of criminalized foods and food substances including fat, sugars, and fast foods.  My goal with this is not to get these foods out of the American Dietetic and American Heart Association’s jail, but to shed light on their use in long term dietary adherence.  Next week we will look at fat…the type that goes in your mouth, not the stuff on your hips.

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