“I can’t get People to understand, there is no such thing as a bad food, just bad timing!”

Dr. Willey wrote this article for the Idaho State Journal in his weekly column.  We wanted to share the second installment with you!

As mentioned last [article] (click here for previous article), I am going to spend a few weeks with a continuing narrative to decriminalize some foods and food groups as they relate to long term dietary faithfulness.  This week our topic will be fat.  Not a simple task in a 200 word expose. Certain fats are essential in your diet and provide an enjoyable texture and an unsurpassed, often craved for taste as well.

Removing fat from your diet might work for a few rapid weight plans, but it would be this side of impossible to do it on a long term weight loss maintenance program.

Fat is the most caloric dense macronutrient, and therefore must be monitored, not eliminated.  Argument remains high as to the roles that dietary fat play in disease.  Dietary fats are not the only variables associated with most diseases (heart disease being the best known) as the causes are multi-factorial.  Amusingly, (at least to me…), studies are revealing that different humans with different lifestyles respond differently to fat intakes and to fat compositions. It would appear that optimal fat intakes will need to be tailored to individuals as we learn more.

The fact is obvious however; completely trying to criminalize and therefore remove all fat from your diet will do nothing but guarantee long term dietary failure.

In the next article (click here for next article)we will discuss the use of fast foods in long term dietary devotion.

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