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Featured Tip: Food Timing

“This week I want to focus on the timing of your food. It is extremely important to know WHEN to utilize the foods we like to eat. The timing of food intake in relation to our sleep/wake cycle, exercise, work, playtime, and all the other activities of daily living is what needs to be understood. Once this has been embedded, you will begin to see results of your quest for optimal physique on a new level. You will actually learn to BENEFIT from pizza and beer. No, that is not a typing error. I said BENEFIT from what most diets would consider horrific foods. Food timing is elementary in your quest for your physique. Your understanding of the fundamental facts about foods, and the difference between active carbs, free carbs, proteins and fats wil now allow you to place foods strategically throughout your day, according to your activities and plans.” – Excerpt from “Better Than Steroids”

To learn more about how to time your food and the types of foods you should eat and will benefit from the most, check out Dr. Willey’s “Better Than Steroids” book and increase your profound knowledge to getting in the best shape of your life.

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