Fat Too Fit To Fat – The Problems with Contemporary Dieting and Exercise Recommendations should be available sometime this fall!

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Early feedback on Dr. Willey latest book – Fat Too Fit To Fat

The books best feature is that it gives the average person the tools and knowledge to help actively manage their own health. Knowledge is power and if a patient better understands the physiology between our bodies and everyday life, they can (and hopefully will) take more control over the factors they can change. With all the rhetoric and scams in the Fitness/Health world, I would say most people truly just don’t know any better. This book does an excellent job connecting the dots.

The emphasis on lifestyle as a whole was clearly made and its importance highlighted throughout. Dr. Willey did a thorough job explaining the impacts of overlooked lifestyle components such as sleep or dieting or a short term exercise plan guaranteed to melt belly fat! I think many people don’t realize how some of these factors impact the overall stress on a person’s system. This thereby leading to the dreaded weight gain (or re-gain) and slew of health problems. Because this is, after all, when people notice the problem which has truly been festering for a while. I hope avid gym goers my age take notice of the Fat Too Fit lifestyle before repair is needed. This information could mitigate so many health challenges while NOT compromising fitness goals.

Dr. Willey not only illustrated how linkages between our everyday life choices impact health long term; but then gave guidance on signs and symptoms of dysfunction and ultimately steps toward recovery and optimization.  Even with your functional approach, the book didn’t come off bias in any way against allopathic disciplines and reminded patients there is a time and a place for prescribed medications… I can’t say the same for fad diets (HA!)  For patients beginning the spiral, this book could be a heaven sent ‘how to’ manual toward optimal health and a healthy lean figure. Even those hot in mix of the spiral can climb out by finding a doc who understands these concepts.

The short of it is – I loved it! Your style of medicine is right up my alley. Can’t wait for the next book.

I loved Fat Too Fit To Fat! It absolutely amazes me that something like this has not come out before. It’s so different from what people think but it makes so much sense. Like we all know dieting put your body into survival mode which messes up your metabolism and then causes rebound weight yet we all just practice it because we don’t know any other way to lose weight. This explains the science and offers the solution.

Dr. Willey’s books always seem to take difficult science and make it understandable for the layperson. This book does just that however it goes even farther; it touches on a subject that no one really understands. We all know quick fix dieting and exercise eventually fails everyone, and this book explains why. No one ever talks about the stress on the body, how it messes up your hormones, the high oxidative stress, how it destroys gut function, and how all this adds up to making people feel miserable and gaining weight like crazy. This book is long overdue. Relying on less calories and more exercise is a sure path to failure. This book explains that in great detail and then gives you a solution to follow for a lifetime.

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