Bikini Contest Prep!

Good job competitors! Check out the full listing of winners by clicking the image!

We’ve been scouring the web to find a good contest prep for the ladies for our ePhyzique competition.  Well, it’s been proving more difficult than we thought.

We’re following the NPC (National Physique Committee) rules for the competition.  However, since this is going to be still shots, we want to see the front, quarter turn (side), back and other quarter turn (other side).

The NPC has developed this PDF which has examples of still shot posing of front and rear shots. The PDF has some great tips, and counsel on the type of suit to wear.  However, since we are doing this via still shots, we are judging ours by the following:


in quarter turns: Front, Side, Side, Back. Judging will be based on a small degree of muscularity with separation and no visible striations, overall tone with shapely lines and firmness. General appearance, make up, skin tone, and general assessment will be evaluated.


will also be judged in quarter turns: Front, Side, Side, Back. Judging will be based on complexion, skin tone, poise, and overall general appearance and presentation.

Click here for the NPC PDF

We’re so excited for the ePhyzique and we hope you are too!

And, if you’re looking for great recipes to help you through the cutting cycle, here’s our good friend Stephanie.Fitness bringing a world of info to our fingertips. Thanks for rocking like you do Stephanie!

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