And the winners are….

ePhyzique Winners.

Trust us, the judging has not been easy in this one.  Remember that the judges were all responsible for 1/3 of the results.  So, thank you for voting, it played a vital role!  Remember, in judging for the overall, the contestants were awarded points 1/3 based on overall physique, 1/3 based on posing, and 1/3 based on popular vote.


First Place Overall Winner

Contestant B

I have been involved in the health care field for over 10 years and involved with conditioning competitive athletes for over 15 years. In 1998, I graduated with a bachelor of science in human physiology and in 2002 graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery. Being a health care provider I felt it was important to lead by example.

As my passion for fitness and nutrition grew, I became an ACE certified personal trainer and ISSA certified in Fitness nutrition.

For the grand prize, Contestant B received:

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  • 2 weekend stays at this cabin in Island Park, ID.
  • a 12 pack of Better Than Steroids Post Workout Supplement.


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Second Place Overall Winner

Contestant A

I’m a stay-at-home mom of 3 boys. I’ve always had an interest in fitness and loved that athletic look. It wasn’t until about 2.5 years after having my 3rd child that I decided I needed to dedicate time to getting myself back into shape.

I’m only 8 months into my journey but have come a long way so far and with a lifetime to complete it. I say a lifetime because health and fitness should be a lifelong journey & commitment and not just a hobby. It’s fun learning what works for me and what doesn’t and the information you gain both about your training and nutrition along the way is priceless. Not to mention learning that your physical/mental limits can be pushed further than ever expected.

I also love coming across like-minded people, learning what they do and gaining their knowledge. For so long I just sat around allowing myself to be inspired by others and their success with training, and now I’m the one inspiring those around me. It’s a truly great feeling.

Contestant A received:


  • Nutrition Company of Idaho’s NCI Burn Advanced Fat Loss Formula Dietary Supplement
  • Nutrition Company of Idaho’s NCI N.O. Extreme Performance Nitric Oxide Reactor Dietary Supplement
  • Nutrition Company of Idaho’s NCI 100% Whey Protein
  • Nutrition Company of Idaho’s NCI Under Construction Anabolic Post Workout Recovery
  •’s Better Than Steroids Post Workout Drink (4-pack)

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Third Place and

Fan Favorite Award

I am 29 years old. I have three children and I am married to my bestfriend. I am currently studying psychology while working part time at Sunsations Salon, as well as assisting my husband with his construction business… I enjoy anything to do with the outdoors, dancing, self improvement and gym time.

I have been active in health and fitness for two years now, but only made serious progress in the last six months. I lost more than 30 lbs and have made great strides in lean mass increase.

I love all that I have done, all that I now know and hope to carry it with me always.

Contestant C has won:


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Fourth Place

Contestant D

5’11 175 kansas city MO, owns, loves working with people who are positive and want to change their life for the better, love spending time with his family and 3 month old daughter.

Contestant D has won:


  • 12 pack of’s Better Than Steroids Post Workout Drink


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