Headline: Excess Salt Blamed for 2.3 Million Deaths in 2010.  Holy cow Mr. Excess Salt is a mass killer!  How is he able to get away with so many assumed deaths, in people obviously not in life’s circle?  This headline would imply that Mr. Excess Salt has single handedly taken the life of 2.3 million people who should have never died.

Their ultimate demise was not my eventuality, I know for a fact I will not live forever, but apparently these 2.3 million people would have, if it was not for Mr. Excess Salt.  Where are the world courts or the International Police?  Locally – what is the Federal Bureau of Investigation doing, or even our local police department?  Mr. Excess Salt has killed 2.3 million people who would have never died, had they not met him.

Ok – Admittedly, I am being a wise donkey, but these shock headlines make my bike chain jump the sprocket.  This type of headline does two things: first it implies that one single factor is implicated in the demise of millions of people.  Second, it reeks of immortality if we would avoid said single implicated factor.   Obviously neither insinuation is true, but far too many times I am confronted with the results of these types of stories in the form of Mrs. Dash-ed hopes, and end of life heroic measures.

There are multiple causes behind any health or disease related event or process, not one – not even the mass murderer, Mr. Excess Salt.  There is only one who has beaten death, and we celebrate that this Sunday.  I  would encourage you to ignore the shock headlines, understand your role in health and disease, and know your time is short so make the most of it.  Knowing these thing, I am comfortable in telling you I have captured Mr. Excess Salt, and will be using him on my hard boiled eggs for brunch Sunday.

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