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Food Substitutions

Food Substitutions

Though a hall mark of the Dr Willey system is the development of individualized menus based on one’s body composition, metabolism, and food preferences; many patients ask how they can modify their menus to maximize variety. Menus are to be used as samples or guides to...

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Choosing A Protein Supplement

To assist you with your weight loss goals, we may recommend a protein supplement. Protein supplements are a great snack, easy to prepare, help manage a sweet tooth or carb craving, and are a great way to boost your daily intake of total protein. Protein...

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This is an article I wrote in 2002 for a newspaper in Northern Colorado.  It is based on a paper I wrote when I was in college in 1987 (yes - I am old...). As I write for a number of publications regarding physical fitness and ultimate health, I have a nagging concern...

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