Being the culinary artist I am, I tried cooking cold cereal on the grill the other day.  The first time I tried it, it was obvious it was not a good idea.  I think the word my wife used was “stupid”.  Similar to how we are currently approaching the weight problem in our society, I tried it again. Much to my surprise, it did not work.  So once again in the typical, repetitive, ludicrous fashion of today’s dietary recommendations, I tried it a third, fourth and fifth time.  The word my wife then so eloquently articulated was “insanity”.

Obviously the analogy I am using is in jest, but the concept is not.   Try something once and it may be construed as stupid.  Try it over and over again and now it is insanity.  Take a look around you – what we are doing is not working.  We are in the midst of lunacy, and it appears anti-psychotics are not effective either! Does this rant signify I have the answer?

Well…Yea!! Its the bodybuilding, hard body, fit body lifestyle!!  I never had to treat diabetes in a bodybuilder.  I have never had to send a hard body in for complex blood pressure and cholesterol testing.  Those of us who are after a better physique have inadvertently become the healthiest people in the world.  By nature we avoid processed foods.  We watch our salt intake.  We drink plenty of water.  We sleep well and exercise every day!  We all have to start persuading our friends and family to adapt the same.

Inform them that they do not have to look like Arnie to do it – just get healthy with a proven lifestyle that works!  Lets help them see that what they are doing has progressed far beyond stupidity and dove in head first to the realm of insanity.

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