“Wherever I May Roam”, “Sad But True”, there is “Some Kind Of Monster” – a “Harvester Of Sorrow”, if you will. Everyone seems to be “Frantic” with “The Struggle Within”, due to “Things That Should Not Be”. Some “Ride The Lightning”, for others it is a “Creeping Death”, always looking for a “Cure”.

The constant dieting, trying to get to “The End Of The Line” for weight loss that is equivalent to “The Ecstasy Of Gold”.  For most, “That Day Never Comes”.  We continually look through a “Dirty Window” (media) for a new “Hero Of The Day”, but they are “Disposable Heroes”.  Actually, they turn out to be “King Nothing”.  “Shoot Me Again”, “My Friend Of Misery” – I have found another “No Leaf Clover”.  “The Memory Remains” of thinner days, but it’s like being “Trapped Under Ice”, “Until It Sleeps” “All Nightmare Long”.

We need to stop getting to the “Frayed End Of Sanity” as if “Nothing Else Matters”.  “Carpe Diem Baby”! “ Escape”! “ Jump In The Fire”!  Accept yourself as you are.  Beauty is in the “Eye Of The Beholder”.

You are the only “One” who can do it. As your “Mama Said”: you’re beautiful.  No one is “Better Than You” to take care of your health.  And though “The Memory Remains”, let it “Fade To Black”.

Health starts with self-acceptance.

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