Recently, a number of fast food chains started offering healthy options as part of their popular value meals, thereby allowing customers to choose potentially healthy options over what some would consider unhealthy. 

So from now on, you can choose a side salad, vegetables, or fruit instead of French fries with your double-bacon cheeseburger.  

Vegetables or fruit over French fries…?  Seriously?  I would much rather have the French fries.  Think about it: French fries are made from potatoes.  Potatoes are vegetables, right?  Sure they are deep fried, but I am sure the fruit and other vegetable options are coated with enough chemicals and preservatives, to maintain their color and consistency while traveling to the 100,000 restaurants in all the chains, that we are simply trading tit for tat. 

One could argue that calories are lessened with a side salad; unless you smother it with ranch dressing or you compensate or reward yourself with a large Coke because you chose a healthy option with your high calorie burger. 

I can hear Mom telling little Billy “Let’s get some apples with those chicken nuggets instead of fries” as the ever persistent and glorious aroma of potatoes deep fried in oil fills the air.  That will go over well.  I applaud the effort to include healthy choices, but once again – the forest has been missed for the trees.  French fries are why a lot of us go to a number of these establishments. 

Healthy choices start at home.    

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