Dr. Willey is frequently asked: “How much cardio do you do”?


“My answer is occasionally confusing. I respond with “Depends how much I am eating and what my goals at the time are.” What I mean by this is that I an constantly in the active process of balancing cardio to calories.

Once this point has been accepted, I am asked what kind of cardio I do or like. One of my favorite cardio programs is called a HIIT program. HIIT Stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a series of fast and slow intervals, spaced out over a short period of time in an effort to maximize fat loss and protect lean mass. HIIT training not only burns the fat while you are doing it, as does long slow distance {LSD} training, but also has the advantage of continuing to burn the fat once you stop!”

This excerpt was taken from Dr. Willey’s, “Better Than Steroids” book.

To find out more information on HIIT training, check out Dr. Willey’s book ‘Better Than Steroids.’

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