I am going to learn how to sing. 

Jon Bon Jovi – watch out! Now this will be no simple undertaking.  If you have ever heard me sing at church or in the shower, you will be quick to point out that I have a lot of work to do.  A lot of work.  Honestly, I could not carry a tune if it weighed ¼ of a pound.  Of note, I have been asked to sing solo a few times – ‘so low’ no one could hear me… Enough of my vocal prowess.

Health is not a look, it’s a lifestyle.

Why did I start today’s commentary like this? Because some of us look at the attainment of health the same way I do singing at Carnegie Hall – this side of impossible.  I can be accused of constantly reiterating this but it cannot be stressed enough: health is not a look, it’s a lifestyle.  Daily if not hourly, we need to think of what’s crossing our lips, how much are we moving, are we spending time playing with our kids and laughing?  We need to focus on the here and now in our lives and not the past or even the future.  Those get in the way. We need to turn off the TV and turn on living.  You can achieve health today!  Just remember: you will also have to achieve it tomorrow…

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