Dieting vs Lifestyle Changes


While driving home from the mountains a last week, my four year old requests a bathroom stop.  I obliged with the normal daddy grunts about having to stop while driving (I can see all of the fathers out there nodding their heads in agreement…).  As we waited for the little guy to complete his business, the only thing moving quickly was my desire to get back on the road.  My wife asked the little guy why it was taking so long.  In a flat and to the point manner he replied “I have never taken this poopoo before, so how would I know how long it will take?”

…adopt some simple lifestyle changes that will guarantee success over time

I share this story because its point can be translated to a number of situations and conditions in health, disease and life for that matter.  I will briefly sum the concept up as it translates to correct dieting: no matter how many diets you have attempted, nor how much weight you have lost and then found again, the fact remains that this type of practice does not make perfect.  You will have to do it again.  And again.  Instead, adopt some simple lifestyle changes that will guarantee success over time.  How long will it take to see results?  I refer you back to my son’s insightful question.

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