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Have you ever examined or evaluated the ‘knowing/doing’ gap? In a number of professions including my own, we have been convinced that the most appropriate way to help people was to educate them.  Teach people as much as their brains can hold at any given time and...

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Sleep Interventions?

Sleep Interventions?

I want to readdress the subject on this fine day for two reasons:

1. Time and again I see people who cannot lose weight or control their blood pressure, or get their cholesterol down in light of doing everything ‘right’, because their sleep leaves a lot to be desired.

2. To provide you with some simple interventions for getting a good night’s rest.

Number one has now been completed (read the above again for reinforcement), so on to number two! Here are eight simple steps you can apply to better your nights rest:

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Are you tired all the time?

Would you describe yourself as tired?  Worn out? Continually struggling to get out of bed every morning due to sore muscles and brain miasma? I am sure you could come up with a number of similar adjectives to describe your situation.  In my world, we call in metabolic...

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