Dr. Willey has identified a paradigm for visualizing how holistic living impacts at least 6 core areas.


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Exercise-centric Weight Loss

There is a fun to watch debate happening right now in the medical literature as to the benefits of reality show exercise programs and…well, reality. Developers of reality weight loss programs, including some medical doctors, suggest everyone should exercise as these...

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Cum grano salis

Cum grano salis

Cum grano salis – a phrase attributed to the roman author and naturalist Pliny the Elder (23 AD – 79 AD). In Latin it is used when personal judgment and astuteness are required. In English, the phrase means “with a grain of salt”, also meaning that a bit of common...

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Fundamentals vs Small Diets

Fundamentals vs. Small Details I am continually overwhelmed at the number of options and ways people have to get healthy.   There are almost as many ways to get healthy as there is to get sick.  The marketing gurus continually strike wish and wonder in all kinds and...

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