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This program starts with a visit with Dr. Willey via Face-time or phone.  This visit consists of a detailed history taking and review of the intake forms he will send you. At this time we may consider some lab work (see below).  If labs are drawn, Dr. Willey will review them and utilize them to assist in designing an individual optimal health program, but no medication or direct medical advice will be provided.  If medication or medical advice is needed, Dr. Willey will direct you to your primary care physician, or you could consider the medication tract of the Become My Doctor program.

After this phone or Face-Time visit and when your lab work has been returned, Dr. Willey and his nutritionist will develop a Optimal Health program for you including personalized menus, shopping lists, suggested supplements (that you purchase at any store in your area), and a goal map, outlining schedule calls, emails, dietary changes, repeat lab work, etc. for 3, 6, 9, or 12 months – based on your need or goals.

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As each component of the program is essential, it is important to break it down by category:

Eating Plans:

Personalized menus will be written for you on an as-needed basis based on your body changes and personal needs.  The eating plans come with a shopping list and are designed to be simple and quick.  Recipes can be provided if you wish.

Exercise Programs:

Exercise programs will be designed and provided for you on the web portal as often as you would like a change and based on your progress and changes.  Occasionally they will be changed based on the eating plans being provided.

Phone Consults:

On a scheduled monthly basis, we will have a 30 min phone conversation as to how you are doing with the program, answer any questions you may have, and plan your next step in health obtainment.  These will be scheduled monthly.


With the Become my Doctor Program, you have access to Dr. Willey and his staff anytime via email with a 24 hour turnaround time.  If emails exceed four per week, additional charges may apply.

Instant Messaging:

Technology has allowed a secure texting service so you can text me directly anytime and I can keep the text on our medical record system.  The program is called IMyourDoc and allows 5 texts per month (all HIPPA compliant).  I highly encourage you to sign up for the service as it allows us constant communication and contact for your journey to optimal health and body goals!  To learn more go to:

(Cost is separate from plan at $14/month)

Laboratory Work:

If labs are needed or suggested, I will write a rx for labs for you to have done at a local draw center, or will write a letter to your PCP for suggested lab work and have him/her order it (check with your insurance as all companies are different and reimbursement for said labs may be different in each case). All outside lab work will need to be billed to your primary insurance.

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