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A Strategic Guide to Male Hormone Replacement

Low T is a deficiency state.  A simple analogy of oil used in your car after prolonged driving.  Yes, it is a natural occurrence to have falling oil pressure in your car after use, but you replace it do you not? Accepting age-related change as natural cannot be considered as T levels have declined for the whole population over the last 30 years for a number of different reasons which I alluded to throughout the book. Total T levels in the 1980’s for 50-year-old men was around 550 ng/dl.  In the mid-1990’s it dropped to the 475 ng/dl range, and in the early 2000’s the average 50-year-old man had total T levels of 440 ng/dl.

T is not the answer to all of life’s questions and complaints.  It is far from a universal remedy for what ail people in general and men in particular.  Low sex drive, poor erections, fatigue, loss of muscle mass and increased fat have multiple causes and multiple explanations.  T is but one thing a good doctor must think of when evaluating a patient with these concerns. The T Club will help you self-examine and understand the panacea of potentials when it comes to these all-too-common complaints.  Elevating T levels is medicine at its best because it is going after a potential cause of disease, not just bandaging the condition.

Given that, my hope with starting The T Club is to provide the real, unbiased evaluation and information to both doctor and patients alike as they consider Testosterone Boosting Therapy (TBT) or Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT).  The T Club will give you multiple options including diet, exercise choices, supplements, etc. – choices to optimize your T and better your life.

The T Club should also be a resource for you both to read others experiences and share your own. is an informational website for you to ask questions and interact with people in a non-biased, non-sales atmosphere as you optimize your T.  It is also a resource for your doctor if he or she has questions or concerns with prescribing or optimizing your T levels.  Testosterone Boosting Therapy (TBT) and Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is not only a prescription to better your life, but as you will soon read, to manage and treat disease.

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