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You may have read his books. You probably know a few of his diets. But, have you ever worked out with Dr. Warren Willey? Few people have had that opportunity. Well, now you have that chance.

For the first time ever, you now have the opportunity to train along side of Dr. Warren Willey, author of Better Than Steroids, which has become a standard for body builders and fitness experts around the globe.

10w Diet Program Price


The 10W program is a 10 week interactive program that will lead you start to finish on both diet and exercise, geared towards getting you to your ultimate physique goals.  This program isn’t designed to be a weight loss program; however, when done correctly, your lean mass will increase and your scale weight should remain or go down.

This is geared towards the person that has tried and tried to get the results they are after, but need the extra push. This was developed for those who have been in the gym for a while, and they have come to the conclusion that they need a tool to get their diet and exercise dialed in, so they can optimize their efforts.


This program is legit. It is difficult. It is built to get results. It was designed by Dr. Warren Willey who has not only 30 years of experience in exercise and fitness, he’s trained professional athletes for a good part of his career. Oh, and by the way, did we mention he’s a Doctor…a doctor that practices what he preaches.

Immediately upon purchasing the program, your homework begins.  We give you all the information that you will need to get you to the next level. If you think that you will need extra support through this process you can add one of our 10W Online Trainers to help you along the way.


We have built in an interactive format where you will enter your scale weight, your body fat %, and your minutes daily in the gym.  Based on these metrics, the diet is designed for you, listing out how much protein, fat, and carbohydrates to have for that week.

Each week the diet will change.  At some points you will be utilizing the Keto run, at some points it’s a fat loading diet, etc.  And, we take out the guessing work.

Beyond the diet, we will also take you through the workouts suggested by Dr. Willey.  Each week you will have a video that will show you what workouts to be doing and on what days.  Dr. Willey has developed this 10 week program with the goal that if you do as we suggest, you will get into your optimal physique faster than ever before.


There’s lots of diet programs, lots of get ripped programs, but there are few written by a Doctor of Body Transformation that has had proven success.  In fact, this is THE ONLY program in its price range that you can have direct access to information that has changed thousands of lives.

[blockquote align=”center”]We give you the pieces, you put them together.[/blockquote]

This is your chance.  Stop dreaming of having all the pieces to the puzzle.  This is your chance, this is your key.  Take advantage today!

10w Diet Program Price


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