10W Boot Camp

A 10 Week Online Boot Camp

Online Boot Camp

One thing is for sure, 10W is not easy.  It’s not designed to be.  Strip the gimmicks, and get right down to it.  That’s what it’s all about.  Get results.

One way that we’ve seen increased results is when we have grouped people together in the Boot Camp mentality.  Knowing that you have other people in your situation, going through the program week by week with you, helps give you the support group you’ve been after.

Our 10W Boot Camp is done completely online. This has some amazing benefits when doing 10W online versus in person. You can hit the gym on your own time, you don’t need to cancel on your trainer, and you can contact your trainer anytime whether through emails, Facebook, or Skype. Your workouts are already designed for your 10 week journey, along with a weekly schedule, cardio assignments, and 2 new customized meal plans every single week.

Your Drill Sergeant will be your Online Trainer for the 10 week mission.  This means that your Online Trainer will create your meal plans for you, help you with motivation, modifications, and help push you along with multiple emails and webinars. We want to make sure that the Platoon leaves no man left behind!

You will have call signs, regular roll calls (weekly checkup emails), weekly measurement updates and modifications, and a “closed” 10W Platoon Facebook group.

So, if you are looking for a fun group type setting, join the next online Boot Camp. Check the schedule below to find out when our next available boot camp will be starting.  And, rest assured, the anonymity of our group is vital.  So, the first thing you’ll do is select your call sign.  If you would like to submit before and after pictures, awesome.  No pressure.

And, remember, Eat Right, Lift Hard, and Get Results!

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