10W – Spotter Program

10W Spotter Program!

What’s better than getting shredded on the 10W program?  How about getting paid to tell your friends about it?  That’s right, getting paid to work out.

It’s simple, if you like the 10W program, tell your friends.  If they purchase it, and say that you referred them, they get $20 and you get $20.  It’s that simple.

[note title=”Here’s the legal stuff the layers make us write:”] $20 gift cards will be mailed out within 90 days of the completed reimbursement form. Forms are available upon checkout. Forms must be filled out at time of checkout, or offer is not valid. If all contact information for the 10W Spotter and Friend are not filled out completely, then we will do our best to try and contact using partial information. However, the likelihood of receiving Gift Card is much lower. Gift cards should be activated upon receipt, and are valid for 90 days. After 90 days, the card is no longer good, regardless of balance. Only two cards will be issued per 10W Spotter purchase; one for the 10W Spotter, and one for friend. If multiple friends are 10W Spotters, make the tough choice! [/note]

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