[framed_box bgColor=”grey” textColor=”black” rounded=”true”] Getting fit for $1/day! [/framed_box]

This is the first step towards a whole new you.

This is the perfect plan for the weight loss beginner. This IS the starting point to on your journey!

Our goal is to help you have an affordable alternative to meal plans, exercise plans, and the means by which you can make a lifestyle change and achieve your fitness goals. Through this program, for a dollar a day, you will be given the tools you need to take the reins, and plow forward to achieve your fitness goals!


In this program, you will receive access to the articles, videos, and other information not available to our free clients. You will be given a login that will allow you 30 days of access to your program. You will be given guidelines on how to structure your meal plans, how to exercise, how to measure your progress, and what supplements to take.

You will be given everything you need to go through your own body transformation.

There is a button for each day of the program that will take you to that day’s page of activities. These pages will have information on the page, a form to fill out, or a PDF document to read, a video to watch, etc. Please follow the advice and do whatever is prescribed for that day. Remember that what you put into this, is what you will get out of it.

[note title=”Please Note”] This plan teaches you how to write your own meal plans, it DOES NOT include personalized meal plans. If you are looking for the personalized meal plans, you need to get the weightloss plan, not the 30 Days plan. [/note]

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