I was saving this article for the end of all the biggest loser contests here in the next few months, but an early and considerable influx of disappointed contestants encouraged me do print it sooner.  It is a topic I have addressed in one form or another on many occasions, and that is the conspicuous paradox of dieting.

I think it obvious to say that the people attempting weight loss by whatever means are more ‘health aware’.  This consciousness encourages them to distinguish ‘good’ from ‘bad’ foods.  Unfortunately, it is also obvious to me in interviewing these disenchanted people that they erroneously believe that eating healthy foods in addition to unhealthy ones can decrease a meals calorie count.

This unconscious behavior is confirmed by a number of studies.  I call it the Protein Shake Myth, whereby people simply add a ‘healthy’ protein shake, but do not change any other dietary pattern, thereby doing nothing more than increasing the total amount of calories they consume a day.  A classic culprit is exercise facilities that sell a post workout shake to well meaning exercisers.  This exacerbates failure in light of the fact that most people over estimate their caloric usage during exercise, then readily swallow a ‘good for you’ health shake (because their trainer told them it was good for them) some of which have one-half the calories I consume in a day!  These wonderful people wonder why they are not losing weight.

Good food calories do not negate bad food calories.  Good or bad food, one must still be aware of amounts.

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