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02: 36 the first thing I will mention is you need to take a prescription break, and what I mean by
that is this, you know, holidays are coming up.

08:16 Stay away from the scale. Okay. If you are someone that’s hung up on those silly
numbers, the scales, your worst enemy this time of year because of all the delectable treats and
whatnot, there’s a lot of salt and people tend to gain a lot of water and when people start that
vicious weight gain, some people, well, I’d say a lot of people being all or nothing, a homo
sapiens that we are, they throw in the towel and just go for.

08: 52 don’t skip out on anything. Don’t not take a piece of Pumpkin pie over there because it’s
so filled with fat and you know that your mom made it with whole whipping cream, not milk.
Don’t do that. Just be wise in your amounts. Don’t ever. Don’t deprive yourself of one of those
wonderful pieces of Pumpkin Pie. Just don’t have five or six pieces. That’s all.

09: 58 The first thing I do before knowing I have a holiday party. I would encourage you to have
a high protein with lots of vegetables and a little bit of certain kinds of fruits, 30 to 40 minutes
before you go. Simple trick, eat before you go. One of the worst things you can do at these
holiday parties is to go to hungry. Of course, you’re going to eat everything if you’re hungry. It’s
just like shopping. If the best way to avoid the processed foods and all the foods in the middle of
the store when you’re shopping is eat right before you go. Studies have shown you not only
avoided a lot of the snacky foods, but you save a lot of money,

10:43 Again, focusing on higher protein. One of my personal favorites is jerky, so beef, chicken,
salmon, turkey jerky. Turkey jerky. I love that. It’s high protein, taste good and it’ll help quench
your appetite.

11:02 right before you go to a holiday party is protein helps counter a hormone in your gut called
Ghrelin, and Ghrelin is what I call the road rage hormone. When Ghrelin firing up, people will die
unless you eat.

11: 28 Another one, I like you. I’m a big fan of deli turkey, so I like taking a turkey and I like
rolling it up, putting a little cheese in there, maybe some lettuce and pickles, a little mayo and
mustard, and have a little turkey rollup right before basically a sandwiches out bread as the way
to look at it.

11:54 Almonds and or pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds have the added advantage of being the
highest source of natural magnesium out there. Now magnesium is very important because one
reason we crave chocolate, which there’s plenty of at these holiday parties,
12:23 Tuna is another good one. Just having a can of tuna. There are roughly 30 grams and a can
of tuna or protein.

12:57 Another one that’s just as quick and easy or hard-boiled eggs. Plan ahead, boil some
eggs and have hard boil eggs with a little salt and pepper on them. Have roughly seven grams
of protein per egg.

13:13 Cheese is another great quick high protein intervention. Roughly announced the cheeses
again, roughly six to seven grams of protein and there are studies that show even in studies in
overweight men that show that you actually change your total caloric load throughout the day by
snacking on cheese.

13:35 Yogurts and other one Greek yogurt in particular, just because protein contents a little
higher and speak in a yogurt using yogurt as a dip for vegetables. Peanut butter is another
thing. Vegetables and dip, so I talked about certain vegetables, carrots, cucumbers, celery, dip
in your yogurt

14: 32 Protein bars are another option. I’m not necessarily a big fan of them because there’s so
much processed food in them. They bake protein bars, a lot of them nowadays, which
denatures the fatty acids and I won’t go into it, but a protein bar may be a better option than six
pieces of that Pumpkin pie we talked about earlier, so protein bars, okay.

15:30 Bring your own stuff, bring a low fat, low fat, low-calorie desserts, or make a protein,
muffins for your office. Be a good example, and bring the food that you know you want to eat
and allows other people to see your healthy eating too.

16:39 Exercise. You need to keep it out

This time of year is absolutely ideal and essential. It prepares, excuse me, prepares the body for the food. Weightlifting working on individual muscle groups makes them more insulin sensitive. So when you go to your party, your hormonal cascade that sees all that yummy food responds appropriately and puts those extra calories and energy in your biceps, not your butt. So there are some real simple interventions for holiday eating, office parties, survival, whatnot. Use this short little podcast as often as you need to to help remind you of things if you’d like a written transcript of it too so you can review those snacks I mentioned. Please email me. I’d be happy to do that for you. So until next time, remember, RecoverMe as the medicine where it meets you where you are, and you can’t necessarily change the stressors that we can certainly help your body deal with them better


A TIP FROM TODAY’S SHOW: Stay away from the scale.


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