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03:32 the first thing we talked about is rather than exercise to lose weight or get in shape, plan, purposeful movement to lower Cortisol.


05:37 The second one was make a goal to meditate 10 minutes every day.


06:38 Then I suggested utilizing natural supplements like L-Theanine, that’s the amino acid found in green tea is very calming rather than jumping to your doctor to get some Vallum or Xanax or Lorazepam.

If you’re anxious and overdrawn and just buzzing all over the place, have a cup of green tea. Look into the supplement Relora, which has Philodendrons and Magnolia, which is a wonderful well-studied supplement that helps to lower cortisol and helps with those stresses


07:40 The next one was to really work on your sleep and we’re going to talk a little about sleep when I get into Obtainable because there’s a chapter on sleeping here which I think is an incredible reference guide for people wanting to learn to sleep better,


08:05 The next New Year’s resolutions based on the RecoverMe model, was do your best to avoid processed foods.


09:18 The next one is to see a hormone specialist. Now you may say, “I have no hormone problems, doc. I’m fine.” Now. You might get some disagreement from loved ones, but we won’t go there, but what I’m encouraging you to do is rather than just assuming your normal, rather than assuming you fall within this normal range, that’s huge. Go get stuff checked and optimize them.


10:08 The next thing I wanted to do in the RecoverMe balanced resolutions is utilized natural probiotics. Now, that doesn’t mean you take them in a pill form. I would encourage you to get online, get recipes for Kombucha, for Kimchi, for Keifer, for homemade yogurt, and make your own. Go play outside in the dirt is often as you can with your kids. Let a dog lick your face. I mean all these things. Those are natural probiotics.


11:28 The next New Year’s resolutions I discussed and there was some questions on this, so I’ll cover those, is go to, Environmental Working Group .org for all your products and utilize their consumer guides.


13:09 The next year as New Year’s resolutions based on the RecoverMe approach was to try to sweat hard at least once a day. Now that does not mean two hours of exercise. It means 10 minutes in the sauna and a dry sauna sitting 10 minutes in the sauna at 140, 160 degrees dry sauna and you will sweat out toxins.


13:42  Ensure a healthy liver and kidney system. That is so important and that I would encourage you to see your doctor. Not just do the blood tests, but there’s more detailed testing we can do to make sure you’re clearing toxins appropriately.


15:24 once again, four or five servings of brightly covered colored multiple colors of fruits and vegetables every day.


15:32 The next thing, and the last thing on our little list here and then I’m going to get into the book, Obtainable is taught to your doctor about a couple of my favorite supplements. Inositol Cysteine, Coenzyme Q10, and Resveratrol. Those are powerful, wonderful supplements, but you need to talk to your doctor if that may be appropriate to you


20:36 Macronutrients are restricted, are lopsided in almost every program out there, but they’re balanced to the individual when you learn about your body, that’s what this book is for you, and once again being a reference book. Drugs are encouraged in these programs, whether it’s legal drugs, illegal drugs, or supplements you buy at the GNC.


21:30 The man or woman who at one time trained hard, got into contest shape to do a physique show, a bodybuilding show or a fitness show follow it. They lost other gains and cannot get that ideal body back. I see these people daily in my practice. Number two, a similar person to those above who no matter what they do, cannot get into that super shape like they’d hoped for it, no matter how hard they try, how little they eat or how much they exercise. Number three, the ex-athlete, both college and professional who after retiring or playing sports, after they quit, lost all their lean mass and gained a bunch of fat. I see those people all the time to number four, the people who cannot lose weight, no matter how hard they try, including the good people who used to be thin and lean and somehow 20 pounds snuck up on him. Number five, the avid endurance athlete who is absolutely worn out from other training but still have belly fat. There’s a hormone issue there guys. Number six, the Yoyo Diet or who’s string finally broke.

So, that is a quick review of Obtainable. I hope it excites you as much as excites me. Again, it’s a reference guide. It’s easy reading too. I think I write very simply. I’m a simple person so it’s simply easy to write. It’s available on Amazon right now. Release date today, January 8, 2019. Go check it out. My contact information is there. You can go to my website, Leave me a voicemail directly on the website or an email and I hope this is a benefit to you.

I’m so excited about it. So I will shut down our RecoverMe podcasts for today. If you have any questions, I can always get ahold of us. Remember, recovering medicine meets you where you are and hopes you survive through life. I wish you the best. Happy New Year.


A TIP FROM TODAY’S SHOW: If you’re anxious and overdrawn and just buzzing all over the place, have a cup of green tea.


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