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6:46 the top 15 New Year’s resolutions at no particular order, we’re number one, get shaped to two weight. Three, enjoy life to the fullest. I liked that one a lot . Four, pend less and save more money. In other words, get out of debt. Five, spend more time with family and friends. Six, get organized. That’s, that’s a good one. Seven, learn something new. A new language. Pick up an instrument for the first time. Do something new. Number eight, travel more. Get Out. Explore this beautiful world. Nine, break the smartphone. Addiction. I liked that one. Ten, eat more often at home. Very wise. Eleven, drink less alcohol. Twelve, stops smoking or smoke or use tobacco, less. Thirteen, reduce stress. That’s a big one. We’re going to come back to that one. Fourteen, get more sleep and fifteen, volunteer more. So those were that combined top 15 that I could find again in no particular order and combining some with a little crossover there.

8:34 why people fail healthy eating plans, why they fail a healthy recommendations for of all living because we’re unable to sustain a high level of performance indefinitely.

08:47 And really part of that is because we are such a all or nothing beings

09:09 Part of that is a physiological term called homeostasis. Homeostasis is balance. Our bodies like to be in a certain way. In the weight loss world, we call it your set point, that no matter how much you gain or lose, you always come back to that set point.

10:13 Maintaining vigilant control is not easy. It’s just not easy. Self-control always involves active and conscious inhibition of potential goal killers such as worry, distraction. That’s a big one, dwelling how darn hard it is to constantly avoid sweets in my office when that gal next to me keeps bringing peanut M&Ms in everyday, right? Or having time to exercise, gosh, that’s an extra.

15:12 The first 10 of health, the HPA access and the effect of Cortisol. Cortisol is a very important hormone. You will die without it, but boy it beats you up when it’s elevated constantly. If we think about our top 15, all of them raised Cortisol. There’s even, I think it was number 13, was to reduce stress. Well, trying to reduce stress causes a raising Cortisol, stressful to reduce stress, right? Getting in shape, losing weight, trying to enjoy life to the fullest, getting out of debts, spending more time with friends and families, getting organized, all those things raised Cortisol. It’s stressful, so rather than focus on those, let’s focus on lowering cortisol and the first thing to do since so many New Year’s resolutions has to do with exercise and movement rather than starting a new exercise program, rather than joining a gym, rather than taking those two or three hours a day out, go for a walk in the sunshine 10 minutes, two or three times a day, and what you’re doing here, you’re moving to stimulate Serotonin, the happy hormone, and lower Cortisol.

16:48 Don’t move more to lose weight. You’re going to fail. Lose more to help control stress.

16:55 make a goal to meditate or spend time in prayer 10 minutes a day if you need some help with it, go to a website called They do not pay me. I do not work for them. For $60 a year, they’ll give you 10 minutes of thoughtful meditation a day. Powerful, powerful stress control, so spend $60 and meditate or pray or be quiet for 10 minutes a day. It’ll lower Cortisol. You may want to consider supplementation like L-theanine, which I call God’s value. It’s an Amino Acid found in green tea that just increases Gaba, the anti-stress, the anxiety lowering hormone or other supplements like Relora, which is a combination of Phellodendron and Magnolia.

17:48 then the last tidbit under this health tenant is to work on your sleep. Maybe you should make a New Year’s resolution to sleep better. That doesn’t necessarily sleep more, that doesn’t count, but sleep better,

18:09 the next tenant, a health hormonal health. Hormonal health, every single one of the top 15 I gave you involves hormones in one way or another, and not to bore you with each one. Just know that hormones are involved in everything. They’re messengers, they’re controlling factors. They are involved in everything you do, and that’s why we joke so much about people’s hormones when they’re moody, angry or whatever, or happy. We always say, “oh, it’s a hormonal thing” and it’s true. They’re hormones are involved and about everything and those top 15 New Year’s resolutions. Yes, hormones are involved.

18:45 the first and foremost thing to do i There’s a white tiger in the room all the time. You ruin your gut. You start absorbing nutrients. You stop absorbing fats. You started having bloating, belly issues, intermittent constipation, diarrhea. You just don’t feel good.

22:50 Other natural products to help your gut health. My three favorite are, L-glutamine, amino acid in powder form and a big glass of water on an empty stomach once or twice a day helps rebuild the gut lining, using Papaya enzyme when you’re eating and slash or even exonbio.

23:23 fourth tenant is toxins. Talking about toxins in our environment. I could point out again back to our original 15. I could go through each one of those and show you how toxins is limiting your ability to meet that resolution. So what do we do for in the RecoverMe worldview? Well, the first thing I want you to do is go to a website called, environmental working group .org, and I want you to look at the products you have in your home and I want you to consider getting better products via their consumer guides.

24:24 The second thing, sweat as hard as you can at least once a day, whether it be sitting in an infrared, sauna, jogging in place at your desk, whatever. If you can sweat that removes toxins from your body. You also want to ensure a healthy liver and renal systems.

25:10 last resolutions we’re going to talk about is oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is how we rust. How do our bodies age?

27:14 Number one, rather than exercise to lose weight, get in shape, plan purposeful movement to lower cortisol. Number two, make a goal to meditate or pray 10 minutes every day and I gave you some resources to do that. Number three, utilize supplements like L-theanine and Relora to  help lower that cortisol. Number four, really work on your sleep. Really work on your sleep. Do whatever you have to do to learn how to sleep better, not necessarily always more the better. Number five, avoid processed foods. So important on so many levels. And again, don’t be an all or nothing person. Do your best to do it. Number six, use DET dieting on occasion and next one, utilize a hormone specialist to optimize your hormones. Again, you don’t necessarily have to have a problem, but they probably could be tuned up. It’s just like your car. You don’t necessarily need to replace the oil with the real expensive DW50. You could use DW30 if you want, but every once in a while it might be good for your car. You just get a nicer tuneup, you treat you well, treat your body well. Same thing.

28:25 the next one, avoid processed foods and antibiotics. We talked about that. Take natural probiotics is our next one in our list. So Kimchi, having fermented foods like Kimchi or Sauerkraut, making your own yogurt, making your own Kombucha, that’s the best way to ensure gut health. The supplements, L-glutamine, Papaya enzyme and exonbio may be of great benefit for your overall gut health. In the avoiding toxins, I want you to make that a resolution. Go to and this New Year and compare your products in your home to their consumer list of products and guides and try to get on a real healthy, toxic free environment in your home. The next one, sweat hard. Sweat hard, clear your system out with that means sitting in an infrared sauna or vigorous exercise for 10 minutes running next to your desk or walking around in circles around your desk talking to yourself like we mentioned earlier, what you have to do, break a sweat. It helps clear your body from toxins. Next one, ensure a healthy liver and renal system. You do that by taking daily Multivitamin minerals, drinking lemon water before bed. Talk to your doctor, make sure your kidney and liver function are optimal, all a good idea. Next one, eat four or five servings of highly colored fruits and vegetables every day. Again, we’ve been told they’re good for your mom, told you they’re good for it. They really are. good for you and hopefully I’ve explained why and the last one. Talk to your doctor about possibly using Inositol Cysteine, Coenzyme Q10 and Resveratrol just to help lower oxidative stress.

Make that your New Year’s resolutions. I think one of your New Year’s resolutions this year, it should be succeeding at your New Year’s resolutions. That’s a simple thing to do. This list hopefully does that. Whereas that first list we went over, the most popular 15 people fail the statistic, I think I told you it was eight percent of people actually do it and I don’t know how long that is. I’m guessing just based on my experience of being in the health field for so long that people that made it through May or June from January and then lost track in the study, so it’s probably even lower than that. If we go to the year mark or the two year mark where the five year mark and especially the lifetime mark. Of course, we started over every January, but let’s try to avoid that too. Utilize this list, to make balanced resolutions this year.


A TIP FROM TODAY’S SHOW: Don’t move more to lose weight. You’re going to fail. Lose more to help control stress.


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