Who the book FAT TOO FIT TO FAT is written for:

This book is devoted to anyone and everyone who has ever attempted to lose weight, obtain a desired physique or look, or have lost weight only to find it again. This is a big audience. 

I felt it important to include anyone who has ever done a physique show, done athletics (high school, college, or professional), but now are ‘stuck’ with a body that is not cooperating with them, as well.  It is difficult going from a one time a lean mean machine, but now can’t get back into shape to that no matter what is done or attempted. This book will explain how you got there, and how, potentially to get it back. 

There is an incredible need for this information as my contemporaries and I are seeing more and more of The Problems with Contemporary Diet and Exercise Recommendations in our medical practices. It is not always apparent that the issue being presented has direct correlation with the desire, possibly preconceived need to obtain a desired look. Hence, the information provided in this book – it’s for my colleagues as well.  

Contemporary Diet and Exercise Recommendations you may ask?  “I thought diet and exercise were good for me?” My response would be in the positive with limits. 
Yes, they are good for you when done correctly. Yes, they are good for you if you can control all the other stress variables in your life. Yes, they are good for you if you recover well from the diet and exercise recommendations. 
It is false to assume that all the diet and exercise programs available are out to see you improve your quality of life. They provide you with a set standard and goal to strive for, usually a number such as your scale weight, and provide you a temporary means of reaching it, without any forethought on long term consequences. 
What modern diet and exercise suggestions do to your body is quite shocking, as it is about everything you would not have anticipated. This truth needs exposure. 
Part of the extreme push toward these diet and exercise programs, as well as the weekly fad program that appears on the Internet, is due to the fact we are a society of images. Images of the perfect body, both male and female, are everywhere. From social media outlets, to superhero movies, kids cartoons, advertisements for toilet paper – you cannot escape these images. 
These images are burned into your mind, and many a person’s entire life goal starts to focus on becoming one of these images. Any variation of this assumed perfection is ridiculed, and assumptions are made about health, happiness, and quality of life. It is a vicious spiral downwards into depression and poor health as the method being professed to obtain that look is dangerous.
The entire weight loss industry has completely, not necessarily innocently, missed the boat on how real body composition changes can and do occur. The professed “calories in, to calories out” also known as “eat less, exercise more” is part of the problem. It’s starting to come to light, and this book was written to be a beacon for people struggling with their body composition and health, no matter what their background.
Just as the fallacy and danger of modern anti-depressants is finally being exposed – how they really do not work, but cause depression and worsening psychological problems*, so it is becoming apparent that eating less and less, while exercising more and more is really causing weight/fat gain, increasing disease, decreasing quality of life – not solving it.  
The question begs then as to why it is so hard to maintain the Adonis or Aphrodite look? Or for those who never got it when they were after it, why was it insurmountable? How could anyone exercise so hard, eat so well, and still not get there?
Some of the most frustrated people I have ever worked with fit this bill. They really are trying, but nothing is working.

I hope to answer that question in this little book. More importantly, I hope to show you how to get past it and achieve/maintain a degree of body refinement that is maintainable for life.

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