“How BTS has changed my life…..My weight loss journey actually started in November 2010. I guess you could probably even call it a weight loss roller coaster. I was tipping the scale around 190 lbs and well over 20% body fat (well over). In 2004, I had purchased an e-book program about burning fat and feeding muscle. Like most people, I read thru it and thought “man that was a waste of money, I already eat decent and work out every day”.

Over the years I kept getting emails about transforming my body from the same company. Then, in 2010 the emails started talking about winning a trip to Maui for the winner of the contest. I entered my first challenge that year thinking I could actually win this thing. Well, after reading the book again and following their system, I managed to get down to 176 lbs and 16% BF….I didn’t come close to winning. I ended up in the top 15-20% out of about 1700 participants only because I finished the challenge….”big deal”.

In October of 2011, I mentioned to my workout partner that I always seemed to be dragging butt. Always tired and just not happy with my physique for the efforts I was putting in. He said to go see Dr. Willey and he will fix you up. Of course I was thinking “yeah right”, I’m 51 years old, it’s too late for that. In the next week, this Dr Willey character came up in another conversation so I started doing my homework.

So I Googled “Dr Willey” and up came the books ” What Does Your Dr Look Like Naked”, and “Better Than Steroids”. Hmmmm, this guys for real so I set up an appointment to see what he could do for me. To make a long story short, Dr Willey and his staff have been life changing for me. Turns out my thyroid and good fats blood work results were pretty pathetic. Yeah, I could have gone to any other Dr. and found this out, but I could not have received the same personal attention and genuine care anywhere else.

The biggest benefit by going to Dr Willey is the weight loss program that he offers. Him and Jared take great pride and have a genuine caring attitude in helping people, that want to change, accomplish their goals. I didn’t necessarily want to lose any weight but I did want to lose body fat….and lot’s of it. I wanted to look in the mirror and say “damn, I’m pretty hot for being in my 50’s”. After about six months of them tweaking my macro’s and calorie cycling with the feed back I was giving them, they have nailed it. I entered the next transformation challenge, along with 1700 other entrants, at 187 lbs and 17% BF.

Thanks to Dr Willey’s program, after 14 weeks I completed the challenge at 163 lbs and 5.9% BF. WOW, was I feeling great!!!!! I did not win but I did finish 4th out of the 250 entries that completed the challenge. It was a win for me because now, I have a support system in Dr Willey that will keep me walking around with the body I’ve always wanted. I love the ease of adjusting my food selection based on what my week might have in store for me.

My long term goal is to put 5-10 lbs of lean back on over the next couple of years and now I have a program and support group that will allow me to do that without sacrificing the body fat. People are always looking for that easy over the counter (or under the counter), magical pill or system to get results they want. There is only one truly fail proof way to get the body you want, and that’s to know what your own system can tolerate as far as calories and macro’s, and then you have to mix in the proper resistance exercise so you don’t sacrifice the lean mass. That system was developed by Dr. Willey, and if you put in the effort, you WILL get the results!!!” -L J Walker

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