“Hello Dr. Willey . I just wanted to let you know, that I got your DVD and I was very impressed! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Will you be doing more videos in the future? I hope so your BTS series is the best around!”

Ray D.

Posted on Our Wall

“@BossNutrition Made the “mango chicken” LOVED it! Perfect for summer!”

Twitter Follower

June 3 via Web

“I really enjoyed ole’ Doc Willey’s work. He has a lot of excellent information. He is a great speaker and is quite personable especially for a doctor!”


“I actually carry around Dr. Willey’s book that was autographed by him; it’s like a Bible for me.”


“I’ve read many books on health and fitness and have tried many eating and exercise programs with some limited benefit, but have never been able to put it all together and fully realize my health and fitness goals. If you’re tired and frustrated with today’s standard health care of “quick once over” followed by a prescription, then I would highly recommend working with Dr. Willey’s program. He absolutely reflects what he teaches!! It will be an investment in your future that you will benefit from for the rest of your life!”


“Professionally, I have worked in the fields of nutrition and exercise physiology for the past 25 years. I am intrigued by he effects of nutrition and exercise on the human body…Every generation an individual comes along with a new method, a new way of understanding and compiling scientific information that produces amazing results! This individual is Dr. Warren Willey and his program, Walk-In Weightloss is the instrument. I encourage anyone with the opportunity to work with Dr. Willey to take advantage of this unique opportunity. You will be amazed at Warren’s abilities along with the changes you can make in your life!”



“Working with you has been life changing! You have assisted me in making more progress in two months than I did in two years on my own, thinking I knew what I was doing… I do believe that everyone could stand to learn more about their individual body’s needs. It’s really the only way! Everyone could also stand to have you help them learn! Thanks again for your help! I look forward to many more months to come of this Mandie Makeover! :)”

Mandie U.

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“We own every book you have ever written, and you know we will buy anything you ever write because both of us believe in your philosophy so much.”

Bambi F

“Dr Willey was easy to install and make part of my life. My total loss to date is 45 lbs and I have gone from a size 20 to a size 12. It is a huge boost to my confidence that this is all me and my determination, not some drugs. Thank you for all your help in showing me a healthier lifestyle.”


Pocatello, ID

“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this testimonial letter…. I was just under 40% body fat when I started with Dr. Willey and Walk-In Weightloss. Today I am at 18%. I lost 24 pounds and 4 pant sizes. I had tried exercising alone and was not successful. Dr. Willey’s diet and exercises…was key. I frequently get compliments on my new thinner shape, and I credit Dr. Willey. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Willey’s program for the best, fastest, and easiest weight loss program. Thank you so much Dr. Wiley!”


“I am writing you to express my sincere gratitude for all that you have done for me. You have literally saved my life. When I came to you…I felt like I was dying. I was weak, off balance, overweight and very medicated. Today I am virtually headache free, 50 pounds lighter and feel great. You are my hero and I have and would always recommend you to anyone. You not only have a fantastic ability as a doctor but a wonderful caring attitude, which is rare in today’s society of greed and self-importance.”


“I’ve been working out for about 20 years and I always thought I was in pretty decent shape.  However, over time my pants started getting tighter and I could no longer see my abs in the mirror.  I was doing cardio 3 days a week and being careful about my diet but my abs were still hidden.  I purchased Better Than Steroids and learned about Dr. Willey.  I decided to contact him to help me reach my goals: drop to 10% body fat and see my abs again.  He’s a doctor and bodybuilder who is in great shape so I felt he knew what he was doing and could help me.  We had several phone interviews, discussed challenges in eating at work (I’m a doctor with a busy schedule), and my exercise routine.  He put a plan together for me and I provided weekly feedback with body weight, body fat % and body part measurements.  Dr. Willey took in that information and customized meal plans to help me reach my goals all the while incorporating my food preferences.  Within 6 short months, my body fat went from 18% to 7.3% and my abs are visible again.  After years of trying, I’ve finally reached my goals and it was relatively painless.  I even cheated on my diet about 3 times a week and was still able to drop body fat.  I am convinced I would have reached my goals sooner had I stuck to the meal plan more closely.  I highly recommend working with Dr. Willey if you want to get in the best shape of your life.”

42 Year Old Medical Doctor from the West

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