[framed_box bgColor=”#eee” rounded=”true”] [list style=”list2″ color=”blue”]“I’m not a “fat all my life” kind of person I could eat whatever I wanted and however much I wanted and never gained weight until… I have 4 kids but had my two boys at an “advanced maternal age”. I found it incredibly difficult to lose weight after having them and even harder to keep it off. I never had a one day epiphany it was more like I hit rock bottom and was sick and tired of being sick and tired. Drew Manning struck a chord with me like he has with so many. I found Dr Willey through him and after corresponding with him via Facebook and e-mail found out how awesome he was,I was sold on whatever he recommended. I told him I wanted to lose weight, gain muscle and oh yeah I wanted to do it relatively quickly and his recommendation was 10W. From the way he described it I knew it was going to be difficult but it was what would work best for me.
Love having the meal plans, made it idiot proof, and even more loved that I didn’t have to make the meal plan. Now if only I had a personal grocery shopper and a chef…
I learned some new methods of resistance training, like super sets, and the importance of feeding my body properly. It’s not that I didn’t know about good foods vs bad foods before but more like timing, better understanding of portion control and the science (on a rudimentary level) behind the different styles of eating, i.e. MCD, keto, etc… Better Than Steroids and the Z Diet books are also great.
I did get the results I wanted. If I was a better physical specimen I think I could have gone even farther. I would not have stuck with this without my trainer. Way too many times he had to talk me off the ledge. As I’ve told Dr. Willey before, I love my new “after” body. I’m not done but I’m so much better off than the way I was, physically and mentally. My sense of urgency is gone and I’m ready to get on with my new lifestyle.”

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“I started lifting weights with my husband a couple years ago and knew how to train properly in the gym, but never saw the results I wanted. I often found myself frustrated because I thought I ate well and exercised enough that I should look like I was in great shape. I found Dr. Willey’s blog in 2011 while looking for new protein recipes to try in my continued journey to transform my body. Soon enough I started following his Facebook page and started seeing the posts about the 10W Program he held online. When 2012 rolled around, I knew it was the year that I was ready to make a change. I wanted visible results and to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle that was easy to maintain with my busy life (work, kids, etc). I decided to sign up in January and began my program with Dr. Willey in February of 2012. The program was easy to follow and everything was laid out for me. I followed my 10W workouts and meal plans that Dr. Willey provided. Within just a few weeks I could not believe the changes I was seeing in my body – more definition, less body fat, higher energy levels. I was getting compliments from people that had seen me at the gym for years and people asking me what I was doing differently. I felt amazing! The workouts were designed clearly with daily weight training routines and cardio, and Dr. Willey’s videos with instructions definitely came in handy a few times. I never felt deprived of foods as you often hear people complain about when they’re trying to make physical changes. In fact, I think I tried more foods while on my meal plans than I was eating before!
10W truly changed me as a person – physically and mentally. I have learned so much about myself and how to properly fuel my body. I never in my life thought I would have such confidence and I truly could not be happier with my physical appearance. Heck, I never thought someone would ever tell me I “need to eat a hamburger,” or even better, that I could laugh and tell them, “I actually just ate one for dinner last night!”
I was so thrilled with the results I experienced from my 10W Program, I made the decision to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition in the figure division. I enrolled for a 2nd 10W with Dr. Willey to prepare for my show. Again, I never felt like I was being terribly restricted from foods right through the very last days prior to competing. Dr. Willey was able to coordinate my meals plans with the 10W workouts to continue to fill out and shape my muscles and get me lean enough for the stage without ever taking away carbs or water. I took 2nd Place in my very first show!
In addition to everything I learned and the amazing transformation I have made, I have to praise Dr. Willey for being one of the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He always checked in with me and offered wonderful support throughout the program, encouraging words when I was having a hard time and great advice on ways to make little changes in the program to meet some of my personal needs better. He is such a positive and uplifting person to work with and I’m so grateful our paths crossed.
Making the decision to participate in the 10W Program with Dr. WilleyWoods was the best personal investment I have made in a long time!”

[framed_box bgColor=”#eee” rounded=”true”] [list style=”list2″ color=”blue”]“Dr. Willey’s 10W Program has changed my life! I would classify myself as a regular at the gym but never really changing my physique. I’ve always struggled with losing fat, getting lean and building muscle. I’ve tried every diet, every “magic” pill, supplements galore, detoxes, juicing, you name it I’ve tried it! Nothing gave me the results that I was looking for. After the very first week, I had already lost more weight than I would have lost on my own in a month! Yes, the first week is the toughest, but I loved the results! The meal plans are so valuable! You learn macro nutrient timing, proper portion sizes and combinations! Variety definitely isn’t lacking in the meal plans and Dr. Willey’s recipes are fantastic!

By week five my family, friends and co-workers kept asking me what I was doing! I felt like I was reaching the goals I wanted, had lots more energy, sleeping better, lost the cravings and gained confidence and it was only half over!! The personal attention you get with Dr. Willey doesn’t stop at the meal plans. He’s prompt on answering e-mails, posts motivational thoughts/comments on FB and will check in even when you don’t!! By week eight I was getting nervous that week 10 was coming and I didn’t want to stop and slip backwards. Mentioning this to Dr. Willey I was relieved that 10W2 was an option! 10W2 is even more incredible! You get everything you got in round one but now even more on a personal level with Dr. Willey !!! Skyping with him, more variety in meal plans, change of workout routine for muscle confusion, and actually meeting him in person was the highlight for me in round two! He was one of two guests at the San Jose, CA fit expo the very last weekend of round two! He love’s what He does, walks the talk, looks incredible and is REAL! Upon completion of my second round I am proud to say that I have never been in better shape and I’m still making progress by using what I’ve learned! You won’t find this in any other program, trust me I’ve done them all! Sign up for the next boot camp, don’t wait for next month. Dr. Willey’s plan won’t let you fail!” – Angie[/framed_box]

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