Dr. Willey’s very passionate about being a father.  In the Father’s Day edition of the Idaho State Journal, he wrote the following, and wanted to share it all with you:

A title is a prefix or suffix given to someone’s name to signify either admiration or to recognize an official position and/or professional qualification.  There are professional titles such as ‘Officer’, academic titles like ‘Professor’ or ‘Doctor’. Formal social titles such as ‘Mr.’

The world is full of titles.

We have honorary titles granted by an institution, for instance, ‘Coach’.  Ecclesiastical titles such as ‘Archbishop’ or ‘Deacon’.  ‘President’ designates a title for heads of state (or other leaders).  Honorary titles granted by peers such as “he is my ‘brother’ from another mother”.  Though most certainly not very popular, we have legislative titles such as ‘Senator’ to represent position or duties.  Judicial titles include ‘Solicitor’ and ‘Judge’.

The world is full of titles.  Without doubt, we all of have been given a title at one time or another, occasionally against our will.   Nonetheless, titles are powerful and very consequential.  The point of my verbal and written wanderings this fine Fathers Day (as my glasses fog over…) is to pay tribute to my favorite title.

There is no greater, more honorable, dignified, and occasionally difficult title as ‘DAD’.


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